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Welcome to Corporate Plans Retirement Strategies, LLC

Corporate Plans is a provider of financial services to businesses and families. With over 30 years of financial industry experience, we posses technical knowledge and personal experience to help you successfully navigate changing products and financial strategies. We strongly believe in the "review process" in all of our client engagements to help ensure ongoing suitablility and that the best possible service or strategy is applied. Below is an overview of services:

Employee Benefits

  • Plan evaluation, implementation and servicing
  • Group 401(k), 403(b), SEP DB, SIMPLE and non qualified retirement plans
  • Group health insurance (traditional, tiered, cost shares, HSA/HRAs)
  • Group dental, disability, life, vision, etc.
  • Periodic plan reviews

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Insurance and estate planning strategies

  • Business stategies (key-man, buy-sell funding, deferred compensation)
  • Individual life insurance, annuities for protection and transfer purposes
  • Periodic review of insurance policies, performance, suitability
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Investment Process

  • Education on short and long-term market changes, current ideas and strategies
  • Periodic review of accounts, positions, portfolio level allocations
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