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  • You want to retire as safely as possible, and, ideally, to retire well.  Safely means having what you need, covering the basics. Well means having at least some of what you want above that.

    Spending your assets in retirement is a different thing than accumulating them while working.  (There is a word for that, by the way: de-accumulation). The goal here is to outlive your assets by the margin you set, (if any,) if you want to leave a legacy for the next generation or causes you support.  

  • Time is your biggest ally and past a certain point we cannot work miracles.  "Time is your ally" means that small amounts dedicated to retirement earlier can still grow to meaningful amounts in invested undisturbed over a long period.  How much you save and invest is also critical. The more, the better.  Catching up is painful and may not be as effective. 

    Some of the strategies and tools we will use at this period include:

  • Timing when to take social security
    Immediate income annuities
    Income-oriented portfolios
    Inflation protection
    Borrowing from insurance cash value, if needed
    Spending down traditional IRAs or converting to Roth
    Gifting to children, grandchildren, including to fund insurance on them
    Gifting and philanthropy
    Transferring assets to trusts, --a process that may have started during your working years
    Fee-based asset mananagement or flat fee consulting services

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