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Investment Process

Our investments process has three stages:

Discovery.  In the first stage, we aim to learn about your situation, your financial goals and needs, and your priorities. It is also an opportunity for you to learn about us and to discuss what strategies and services in the market may fit your needs. At the end of this stage, we know enough about each other to decide if there is a good fit between what you need and what we offer.  If we mutually decide there are areas we can work together, we will do a deeper dive to collect the information we need in order to prepare proposals for your review.  The outcome of this stage can include a comprehensive review and needs analysis, portfolio diagnostics, etc.  It will also include a full presentation of our compensation model.

Solution Design and Onboarding. Based on the information we exchange during discovery, we will present to you our proposals for moving forward.  These could be investments strategies, insurance plans, financial plans, or specific transactions.  Financial concepts and strategies are complex and we will take time to educate you and to disclose risks, and to and answer all your questions. You decide whether and how to proceed and then work together on the implementation of our proposals.  This is the stage at which accounts are be opened and funded according to the strategies selected, financial plans built, retirement or benefits plans set up for your business, if relevant, etc.  At this stage we also agree about how our relationship and solutions will be managed, monitored, and controlled over time.

Monitoring, Reviews, and Control:  Once the proposals have been implemented, we kick off and execute the last phase of our process, which remains ongoing for as long as we work together.  This means checking in to ensure your needs have not changed, that our solutions perform as expected, and we recommend corrective actions if needed.  This could include periodic or ad hoc reviews of your accounts vs. industry benchmarks and your needs and goals, adjustments in investments strategies or styles, etc. 

We work tirelessly so that we will be earning every day the trust you are placing in us when we set out.